Important information regarding support groups *PLEASE READ*

Hello all,
With growing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, it has been decided to suspend all M Health transplant support groups for the time being. We hope to re-start in a few weeks, but will work with our leadership teams to decide when it would be appropriate to resume.

We know you all value this time together (and so do we!) and also know it is important to support each other on your transplant journey, but in light of the growing concern, we’d like you to limit your support to each other to phone and emails. You should refrain from visiting each other in the hospital to limit exposures.

We hope to be in touch soon with the news that we are starting up group! In the meantime, feel free to call Angela at 612-273-5774 or Natalia at 612-273-5670 with questions or concerns.

Angela Herr, MSW, LICSW
Heart Transplant and LVAD Social Worker
M Health, Fairview